Sunday, October 28, 2012

Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo Review: Tenacious Teal & Pomegranate Punk


Okay so hey guys. My area is supposed to be experiencing a hurricane, and it's coming soon. So to pass the time, I'll be doing some reviews on the products I have. While I still have power, I'll be posting various things up. Like I was saying! these are the Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoos in the shades "Tenacious Teal" and "Pomegranate Punk". Well I actually like these products. I consider them as hypes and gripes because they do have certain downfalls to them. besides that, they are decently good. Well I'll start off with the positive things because I certainly wouldn't want to give this product a bad rap. This product truly lasts a very long time. honestly, even if you smudge it with your finger, it wont go anywhere which is pretty good. However if you vigorously rub it off then it will come off just a bit, but not enough to completely smudge off.  I even took a shower with it on once (I forgot to take my makeup off. How silly of me right?) the product did come off a bit, but it still stayed on even with all the water and everything & this product isn't even waterproof! How convenient is that!? So it's good that the product stays true to it's name of "24 hr". Another good thing about this product is the color, vibrancy and pigmentation of it. The color is super vibrant and pretty and just makes your eyes pop and stand out. That's what I love about it a lot. Okay.. So now comes the real negative things about this product. WELL, okay. first things first. if you want to use this as a cream shadow and just slap it on, you must, must, must use a base shadow in a similar shade, or a neutral powder eye shadow that looks taupe or is similar to your eyelid color because the color comes on super patchy, and in some areas, the product can be put on more than in other areas which makes your look seem very yucky and oily. So please don't forget to use a base. OR you can use this as a base for your eye shadows and you don't have to worry about the patchiness then. Another downfall is the texture.. well, its kinda thick and dragging just a bit, and the formula isn't as creamy as I had hoped it would be. I have  "Sephora Smoky Cream Liner" in shade "Electric Teal" which is very comparable to "Tenacious Teal" but are totally different. The Sephora cream liner is super creamy, and more vibrant and teal than the Maybelline one. The Sephora one also lasts a pretty dang long time which is good. I prefer the Sephora one over Maybelline, but Maybelline is a good dupe for it because the Sephora one costs about $12 and the Maybelline one is about $6. The Maybelline one is also much easier to find because you can just go to the drugstore and pick it up without any hassle, while for the Sephora one, you'd actually have to go out or online to the store and buy it. (Okay the last thing about the Maybelline product) The first Color Tattoo I purchased was "Tenacious Teal" and I thought maybe I just got kind of an old one or something, so later I wanted to check out if I was right or wrong then I purchased "Pomegranate Punk" and it turns out that the formula for both and the texture was exactly the same so it is just how they make this product. I do suggest this product, but if you are crazy on the minor details of quality, then you really have to think about this. Thank you so much for reading my review, and sorry about all the writing xD I wanted to be very detailed so I could help others out. Thank you again! and if you have any questions, please send me an email (My email is at the top where my picture is) bye!